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Machine learning services are widely available to offense and defense. One of the most promising use of ML in defense is in deception and misdirection. Data poisoning strategies can be cheaply and realistically tested in wargames.


A wargame generates a creditable story of a breach with winners and losers. Enthusiasm and chagrin - the results - fades unless data confirms and reinforces actionable conclusions. 


Games can train and motivate.  But cybersecurity games include intelligent adversaries who intend to do you harm. Cybersecurity wargames are table stakes. 

on games

 Human emotion drives decisions.


A wargame is a sequence of interesting consequential emotions.  

Wargames are layers of  deception. Our back end will ensure that the game stats analyst  has the data to penetrate "the fog of war."

The results from recording of a wargame can be as consequential as the game play itself.

about us

We are a small team that run, analyse and record meaningful wargames on existing and future cybersecurity issues. We use existing tools and write our own. Please contact us below for further information.

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